Gesture Based Screen Lock for Mountain Lion December 18, 2012

One of the hardest features to loose in the process of moving from a Linux based workstation to a Mac is the ability to quickly and securely lock your screen. At first glance it looks like the feature is none existent, but for OS X users (Mountain Lion) the magic lies in your Hot Corner controls.

From System Preferences open Mission Control and click the “Hot Corners” button in the lower left of the screen. Set one of your corners to “Put Display to Sleep”. Now return to System Preferences and open Security and Privacy. On the General tab, check “Require password”. I set the wait time to 5 seconds on my system as it gives me a chance to undo if I mistakenly hit my chosen hot corner.

That’s it. You can just sit back and flick your mouse to your chosen hot corner to lock your screen. Your co-workers will be amazed and you’ll surely be promoted in short order for your simple yet elegant approach to solving complex tasks. Have fun with that

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